Lest I Forget Your Love For Me

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 When trials of life weigh in,

and my burdens overflow,

seeking to break me from within,

so my dreams will never grow.


Please Lord, help me not to stray,

nor lose sight of my faith in thee;

Shine your light in my darkest days,

lest I forget Your love for me.


 We are only humans, after all has been said and done. When issues of life mount so high around us, we tend to feel abandoned at some point, and can easily lose faith and hope along the way. However, when we eventually sail through the stormy seas and land safely ashore, we realize how caring our God can be.

Therefore, we all do need that special touch of love from God to keep us on track as we face trials and challenges daily. He is our strength, and without Him, we are lost indeed.

Do not forget my friends that God Almighty truly cares about us.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.

35 Replies to “Lest I Forget Your Love For Me”

  1. Buone feste ed un anno nuovo di tanta salute.
    Grazie mille per le gradite visite al mio blog ed aver riportato il link San Carlo….risuona.

    Happy Holidays and a new year of so much health.
    Thank you so much for the welcome visits to my blog and have reported the link San Carlo…. resounds

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  2. In deed, Kip, his loving presence is there, on any day, in darkness or the light. You seem to be seeking his love.. and found it through your writing – thanks for sharing and for seeking. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks, Paul. We really can’t do without His love in our lives. I find so much joy and fulfillment in writing, and I am so grateful to Him for giving it to me. Won’t stop recognizing and seeking Him either. Best regards to you and yours, Paul! I appreciate your kind thoughts on this.👍

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