This Ice Is Nice


 The heartless creature got her cornered, but she refused to beg.

She asked him to dare,

still hurting from the bruises between her legs,

and shivering from the scare.


She cried knowing she can’t be made whole.

As he lunged at her shoulder to hold,

she flipped the hidden knife and stabbed his soul,

and her heart turned cold.


She smiled cruelly,

as sunshine departed her eyes;

The debt being paid fully,

She calmly said: “This ice is nice”.


~ Kip Walkin ~

The sad experience of a molested and abused girl by a heartless man. How sad it is to see her being turned into a murderer, a tormented girl and damaged soul forever.

Unfortunately, this is the sad experience of so many boys and girls today. This has really got to stop. SAY NO TO RAPE, CHILD ABUSE & VIOLENCE.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.

(Photo: Courtesy of

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