Thy Light Shall Guide Me

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 When I walk in the shadows

of the thresholds of uncertainty,

Your light will me follow.


Even in the treachery

deeply embedded in false friendships,

Your light indeed delivers me.


For what do I know?

Being ignorant of the intents of the heart,

yet Your light saves me from sorrow.


This life we did borrow

as we travel in this dark world,

but Your light assures me of tomorrow.


So, this one thing I pray O! Lord,

as I journey in this sinful world,

may I never forsake nor despise your Word.


The Word of God is light unto our path. It guides us every step of the way, as we journey in this dark world. Keeping us on the narrow way. Despite the challenges we face daily, we do have hope in Christ Jesus by faith through the Word of God for a brighter future tomorrow, whether here, or in the world beyond.

Glory to God Almighty!

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.

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