Quote of the Week! – Unwavering Faith

Nothing is easy to get, but you can still achieve it. Have unwavering faith! ~ Ndifreke Efiok Akpan ~


But I Can’t Do Them!

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)    **  I’ve got things I’ll love to say, But I can’t say them.  ** I’ve got things I’ll love to see, But I can’t see them.  ** I’ve got words and sounds I’ll love to hear, But I can’t hear them. **  I’ve got things I’ll love to touch, But I …

Yes, It’s Okay To FAIL –  4 Reasons Why.

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com) It is not uncommon these days to hear people say words like, “I just failed my test”, “I am finished”, “I lost my job”, “I am a failure”, and many more like that. Frankly, it can be very demoralizing when you fail to achieve set objectives. Especially when a lot of resources (time, money, relationships, …