So Cold

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 Oh! That state of unfeeling,

with forgiveness a far cry

and the heart so unwilling.


“Leave me alone!”

Is what you hear from the unforgiving

dishing havoc with a heart of stone.


Body and soul abused.

Unbelievably dark, the hearts of men,

unimaginable the horror in the daily news.


I guess we’ve lost our way,

for today is a product of the past,

so the future will reproduce today.


So as we burn in this cold,

birthed by our own hands,

posterity will reveal the stories untold.



The cold is real, and we are not talking about the weather here. The inhumanity of humans against humans is simply outrageous. How did we reduce ourselves to this level? Is there any end in sight? Any hope for a peaceful future in this world? Maybe, we will only ever be able to imagine it. That may be our only consolation.

Sad indeed.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.

15 Replies to “So Cold”

        1. That’s the spirit…. I just like the way you connected it😄…. No doubt we’ve got to kip walkin till we get there….our desired destination. You sure do have a very creative mind in there, and it only gives us sunshine 🎆🎆. Blessings my dear friend and best regards to you and yours always!🌷


    1. That’s for sure. We seem to always try to take away the sunshine from our world. It’s really sad. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. It’s really appreciated. Do have a blessed week ahead.🌷

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