Melting Ice

태양이 떨어지는 물방울에 차가워 요 스톡 콘텐츠 - 11195324

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It turned bleak.

The sunshine in her eyes,

no more at its peak.


Broken she was,

in mind, body and soul,

fighting her personal wars.


Who can her heart behold,

to decipher the inner mysteries,

of her stories untold?


But time fleets by,

and as evening fades,

the memories scarcely seem to die.


Alas! The die is cast,

for despite the break of dawn,

this ray of hope is not here to last.


Some bitter experiences may never go away from us, and most times tend to gradually eat us up and eventually shatter our lives forever like melting ice, never to be whole again. Hopefully, more people will overcome these situations and bounce back stronger.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.

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