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He says,

I am a man;

She says,

I know, but I am also a woman.


He says,

It has to be my way;

She says,

No! This time, it has to be my way.


Thus, wasting unnecessarily

our energies on trivialities,

whereas with constructive activities,

we could make positive strides with synergy.


Obviously, mindless misunderstandings

only breed confusion;

And senseless apathy,

ultimately lead to exclusion.


Therefore, this you should never forget,

be you a man, or woman;

That before gender, race, inclination, or tenet,

we all are first and foremost, HUMANS!


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.


29 Replies to “Equality”

      1. I will stop by frequently. I have kind of same material in my website (inspiring stuff) . I would love to read more of it. Thanks for liking my comment so that i could know about your blog

        Good day friend! β›…

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  1. Great post inspiring words …. Brings me to mind about my Buddhist teaching that a left hand works better when the right hand is there to guide … When l first heard that it confused me … But deeper understanding now leads me to this … If we have two hands we can clap our appreciation of what’s was good, we can eat our food by cutting it ourselves thus we are independent of others help but with one hand working by itself we are not able to be as God intended we are missing a part of us as a man without a woman or vis’e verse is only part of God and his creation and we forget so often that each needs the other and the other needs the creator ….So we are really three …Mind, Body ❀️ that as with all creation becomes four … Our persona our soul … that’s life …Ian

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    1. We all definitely need each other. It’s important to always see each other as humans, without unnecessary discrimination, so we can treat each other with respect and love, thereby achieving more.

      I really do appreciate your insightful comments. Please take care and stay blessed.πŸ‘

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