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 The smile,

Ever so bright,

In every sense deceptive.


 The speech,

Laced with honey,

With an underlying sting.


 The handshake,

Feigning firmness,

Yet slithering like a snake.


 The hug,

An epitome of affection,

Deeply infested with bugs.


 The feast,

A sparkling celebration,

With envy rising like yeast.


 The betrayal,

Of a friend so sly,

Comes in different shades of denial.


 The cloak,

A garment of warmth,

Bellies the instruments of doom.


 The dagger,

Patiently waiting,

As cold as the wintry night.


 The heart,

Of an unsuspecting friend,

Is the destination of the poisoned dart.


Friendship is a relationship meant to foster unity and progress among people. The underlying cohesive factors being mutual respect, love, understanding and common interests, devoid of envy and treachery. However, this is not usually the case. Persistent betrayal and treachery has eroded the values entrenched in friendship to the extent that it is now approached with immense caution. This has gone a long way to adversely influence human relationships all over the world. This is a shame. Let us not allow the events happening around us to make us forget how sweet and fulfilling true and unconditional friendship can be.

Best regards.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.



15 Replies to “Enemy-Friends”

    1. I’m glad you can relate with it, Hussein.😉 These kind of relationships are so predominant these days, and it’s so sad.😞😟

      Thanks for your time and nice comments. I appreciate your stopping by.👍👍

    1. Thank you so much Jo. I see it again through your eyes and it means a lot. 😄😄

      I guess I’ve always been right. You sure do have a warm heart with lots of sunshine in it.👍👍

      Do have a great day!💯

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