Giving Is Living


Hikers climbing on rock, mountain at sunset, one of them giving hand and helping to climb Help, support, assistance in a dangerous situation photo

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A helping hand,

To the lost on a strand,

Helps humanity to stand.


 A teacher, the sun,

Daily turns her light on,

To bless the world all day long.


 A little smile,

To a stranger on a hot mile,

Won’t be lost in a long while.


Oh the joy it brings,

When a child to our hand cling,

As our gifts make her steps to spring.


 Never had the act,

Been much more apt,

Than when done with an open heart.


Giving is a beautiful thing both to the giver and the receiver. The receiver has a need met, while the giver has the satisfaction of being a channel of blessing to someone else. Giving is much better when done with an open heart without prejudice. It gives encouragement and support to many. It is not limited to money or material belongings. It could be helping someone in various ways, adding value to someone’s life, helping someone grow, moral support, advice, time, team effort, visitations, etc. Indeed, giving is living. Let us all endeavor to do more of it in these trying times. Thank you.

Best regards.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.


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