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The news,

Bad as they come,

Heavy as unpaid dues.


The sight,

Unpleasantly depreciating,

Like day turned into night.


 The skin,

Like wear & tear,

Weakened from within.


The eyes,

Bereft of light,

Stark as the sun dies.


 The heart,

Heavy with grief,

A downhill ride on loaded cart.


The life,

Courting with vicissitudes,

Is riddled with strife.


The end,

In the dusk of life,

Many yield to an unhappy bend.


The unhappy feeling is so prevalent today. As a writer, I look around and observe the people in various places and situations. I have recently observed an unhappy man, an unhappy woman, an unhappy child. The effect is always the same. They all looked deflated. The prevailing challenges in their lives could range anywhere from poverty, hunger, disease, bereavement, and abuse, to slavery, discrimination, lack of social amenities and welfare, lack of formal education, etc. In the end, it can easily lead to depression and desperation with adverse results. One can easily sum it all up and conclude that the world is not ultimately a happy place.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.


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