Silent Despairing Hope

A young man walks into the desolate desert Stock Photo - 22300077

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 The eyes are sunken,

Bereft of light,

Steps unsteady and drunken.


 Drunken with despair,

Evidently malnourished,

In mind, body and soul beyond repair.


 The whispering brook,

Stale and decaying,

Never to provide food for the cook.


 Hovering, the vulture,

Unrepentant in its quest,

To feast on the remnants of a dying culture.


 The little child cried,

From sickness and hunger,

Helpless parents await the doom with eyes dried.


 In the cold night trying to cope,

The little boy looks to the sky,

In search of the light… in search of hope.


In a world filled with wars and natural disasters, you can imagine the situation people are going through in these affected places. In every continent, there are issues that calls for concern. Most of the times, hope is lost and the people live in total despair. Hunger and disease are real issues. Various humanitarian organizations are trying to manage the situation. But if you take a closer look at the conditions these children, mothers, pregnant women, aged people, men and women find themselves, you can only agree that it is really sad and disheartening. The aftermath of dehumanizing situations have always been terrible and sickening. Let us all have a rethink, please.

Warm regards.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.

Creative Writer.


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