Tomorrow Began Yesterday


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A day gone,

Yet ever present,

In memory and events,

Re-sounding like the gong.


History is yesterday,

Lessons taught, maybe learnt,

Many live their lives spent,

Yet today is not here to stay.


Wounded souls of yesterday,

Casualties of life,

The peace rippled with strife,

Healing may yet come today.


Sunset yesterday,

The sun unappealing to play,

Children scared to dance in the hay,

The sun is yet to rise today.


As we join hands to pray today,

Knowing hope is for the future,

Yet one thing remains sure,

We will not die yesterday.


As we begin today,

Hoping some peace comes to stay,

Past events have this to say:

Tomorrow began yesterday.


What more can be said? There is always a point of departure in life. We may have today, and even hope for the future, but we cannot forget that it all started many ‘yesterdays’ ago. The future cannot be entirely divorced from the past. How can you find the connect with such brutal severance? Yesterday, today and tomorrow all serve a vital purpose in our perennial quest in understanding the delicate relationship existing within our lives as we journey along.

The interwoven relationship between these three elements cannot be undermined, ever.

Stay focused.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.

Creative Writer.


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