Murky Waters

Wooden jetty over calm lake just after sunset Stock Photo - 10850870

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 Different shades,

The colour scheme,

Dissimilar as the human race.


 Within isn’t clear,

Murky as it sounds,

A finger can’t dip for fear.


 The human mind,

Murky in its depths,

Seeking the way, but yet to find.



The aura it brings,

Only a step-in breeds reality.


 Life’s janitor,

Necessarily sanitary,

Forever wrestling alligators.


 Here and after,

A similitude of murky waters,

The heart courts laughter and disasters.


The human mind is deep and mostly busting with activity. These activities or thoughts could either be positive or negative. It’s really hard to decipher what goes on in the heart of man. You have got to expect anything from it. One thing is for sure, like murky water, the products of the heart can be beautiful enough to bring joy and laughter. However, it also has the potential to cause untold disaster. Step with caution.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.

Creative Writer.

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