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 The name is apt.

Ever giving its light,

ever sharing its brightness,

giving strength for growth.


 It peeps with its eyes of ray,

through the curtains of dawn,

and gently parts it to present itself,

on the center stage of the day.


Its warm welcome is touching,

gently sweeping away the chill of the night;

The bright smile fondly infectious,

lends a hand to kick-start your day.


Image result for sunshine and flowers by 123rf

(Photo Credit:


Nature delights at its sight,

embracing the warmth with glee,

unrelenting in feasting from its energy,

to be stored up for productive activity.


Coming through the east,

It journeys upwards to the peak at noon,

then gently glides home in style,

to dusk in the west.


 So consistent, this sun of ours,

a never-ending cycle it maintains;

By tomorrow,

It starts all over again.


I woke up this morning to meet it. The sun is beautiful. It actually rained all night. So you can imagine how appreciative I am of its warm presence. Goes to show how thankful I am of the beautiful works of God. Hopefully, you will notice these special treats from God and be thankful.

Do have a lovely day ahead.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.

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