The Divide

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Everybody is not the same,

Similar we may seem to be,

A resemblance here and there,

Yet we are not all the same.


Every day is not the same,

Daily events may seem similar,

Occurrences may seem familiar,

Yet they are not all the same.


We live in a strange world,

Where friends are strangers,

Foes stay ever so close,

And in serenity lurks danger.


Some could kill or die for the fame,

The unthinkable is done for the name,

The multitude will rather live for the bread,

The divide is wide, oh what a shame.


I have searched but yet to see,

Where a people live full and free,

Where diversity begat unity,

And peace not a lost identity.



The human race exists in a divide created by race, geographical location, culture, ambitions, intentions, experiences, education and lots of other factors. Yes, we are humans, yet there is a divide inherently existing among us, both as individuals and collectively. This of course establishes the inequality being felt by many in the larger society. Maybe it’s also the underlying reason for the societal issues so prevalent in our history.

Kind regards to everyone.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan


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