Men and Women of Honour

19013843-hand-drawn-people-set[1] By

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They are born by women,

they grow in diverse circumstances,

they crawl, they stand,

they walk, they run.


They cry, they laugh,

they play, they dance,

they hate, they fall in love,

they wake up, and go to war.


If they survive, they come back,

given another chance, they will do it again;

If they die, they die happy,

because dying while serving humanity

makes them Men and Women of Honour.



The challenges we face daily as we go about our various endeavours searching for our daily bread and other achievements in life is similar to being at war for survival. It is very inspiring when you see men and women from all walks of life going through all manner of challenges daily yet remain undeterred. They wake up every day and simply go about living their lives regardless of the burdens they bear. They go about doing good deeds and adding value to humanity everywhere they go regardless of the turmoil they face in their private lives. They have only one belief: WE SHALL SURVIVE.

It is not an easy task they do. They are to be admired and appreciated. They are Men and Women of Honour.

Endeavour to be one in your life time.

All the best.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer


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