Clinging to Dreams

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I feel breathless.

This thin air suffocates,

enveloped and compressed,

my fire extinguished.


I feel faithless.

My depth I can’t locate,

my world seems undressed,

as my fortune diminish.


Life is heartless.

Yet I strive to resuscitate

my world from being suppressed,

before my dreams I relinquish.





Often times in life, all you have left are your dreams. When the challenges of life hits you and tries to overwhelm you, clinging onto your dreams and beliefs plays an integral role in helping you weather the storms. It may be in your career, marriage, relationship, health, family etc. It actually gives you a sense of purpose and a reason to keep on keeping on. It keeps you focused and motivated against all odds.


Let us have noble dreams, and allow it propel us to greater heights even in the face of adversities.


Keep it moving and keep walking.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan

Creative Writer.



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