After the Storm

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Her tears fell freely,

consequent of the issues in her life;

Memories so sad,

similar to the case of burning grass.


Sympathy seemed silly,

empathy so welcome in strife;

Ills rarely go from worse to bad,

evident in silver transformed to brass.


Can a valley ever become hilly?

Can the husband ever become a wife?

Can the mom ever become dad?

Can the sensibly refined ever become crass?


Free and high-spirited as a filly,

Now she hurts like a stab by a knife;

Eluded by the peace she should have had,

obviously, calm won’t always follow storm alas!




Issues of life are usually not straightforward. The life stories of different people may seem similar, but they are never the same. Some challenges we face may eventually turn out to be the best thing that could ever happen to us. In another situation, it could as well be the worst thing you can ever imagine. Some issues of life may end up giving you peace, while some will end in tears and heart break. The end of a storm in different locations doesn’t always leave the same effect, though they might seem similar.


I encourage every one of us to remain strong in any situation we find ourselves regardless of outcomes. It is not so easy, but we owe it to ourselves to at least give it a try.


Wishing you the very best always.


Warm regards!


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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