Our Life…. Our Dreams

12389586-make-your-dream-come-true-written-in-chalk-on-a-blackboard[1] By 123rf.com

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)




Our lives, sometimes,

is clouded in darkness;

Our lives, sometimes,

is shrouded with starkness.


Sometimes we sow,

and the harvest is plenty;

Sometimes we go,

and our quest is empty.


Sometimes we lose steam,

when our light seems dim;

Indeed, we’re the cream,

when we live our dream.


Mountains to climb,

many rivers to cross;

When life is a drag,

it gathers the moss.


Breeze in trees,

Birds, the sky fly;

When to self we lie,

our strength decrease.


Like the rising sun,

many more will come;

Like the fallen hero

many more will go.




Life will always have its ups and downs.  It is no different in any human. Be not deceived that the grass is always green on the other lawn. If you take a closer look, sometimes you will find some withered ones. But if you focus on your strengths and develop them, you will not be bothered about the vicissitudes of life, but will actually look forward to facing them head-on and eventually overcoming them. It is in YOU to actualize your dreams. Do Not Whine.


Always your friend,


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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