A New Dawn (Rap Lyrical Extract)

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)
(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)




/Gone are days,/

/Gone are years,/

/So many things I seen;/

/Come the days,/

/Come the years,/

/Thing-s, yet to be seen./

/Another day is added,/

/A  n-e-w year,/

/Giving glory to the Lord/

/He good, we still here./

/Gather all the hustle and hurdles/

/Many lessons,/

/Its h-a-r-d to beli-eve the fate of a single person./

/But the-n I still buckle up,/

/On the gri-nd everyday/

/as I ride till I rise keepin knuckles up./

/A tightrope we walk,/

/you don’t know;/

/Knockin off foes who stalk,/

/we don’t flow./

/Tired but still goin fo-es/

/keep ta-lkin,/

/bow do-wn, you know the name though,/

/Kip Wa-lkin./





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