Reaping (Rap Lyrical Extract)

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(Photo Credit:




/You’ve got a chance,/

/to get some more/

/if you really want to;/

/Maybe dance,/

/till you get sore,/

/then you grunt too;/

/Never bother when you facing issues/

/It’s a phase, that will pass, if you try/

/so don’t let, any chance to miss you/


/You’ll always reap what you sow/

/you better know/

/If you ain’t getting what you want in a row/

/you better go/

/Do your do baby/

/never slack baby/

/keep it real till you gone anyway baby/





Reaping gives an insight into the power of self belief and never giving up or settling for less. The rap lyrical extract is for you to enjoy.


Warm regards!


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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