Nature’s Special Blessings

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Blessings everywhere.


The morning gives the dew,

and caps it with a breath of fresh air.


The sun gives its light,

quickening all to a burst of activity,

and productivity is its sheer delight.


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(Photo Credit:

The rain comes down,

excited in its wetness;

a cool relief from the hot nest,

and crops sprout from the ground.


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(Photo Credit:

The moon is silver,

up in the night sky so bright,

to the love birds in the park,

sharing special moments in the dark,

it sheds its silver light.


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(Photo Credit:

Firefly on my shirt,

Butterfly on her skirt,

bright coloured beetle on swaying grass,

a lonely swan drifting pass,

so much beauty in land and sea,

these special blessings and more, I have lived to see.



We often overlook the daily gifts that nature brings our way. Noticing these special blessings from nature can help lift a heavy heart, put a smile on a face, or simply make you feel good. I couldn’t help writing this piece when I took a moment to observe nature’s activities around me. Do the same and stay blessed ok.

Warm regards.

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


2 Replies to “Nature’s Special Blessings”

  1. Beautifully crafted words. Such painting of nature with words so lovely. I am impressed. Please keep it coming ok.

  2. Another beautiful piece of poetry my dear friend. Such a delight as always. No doubt, I will keep coming back here to be refreshed. Many thanks.

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