Damn Life – Rap Lyrics

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)
(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)





/The ills of life/

/The bills and strife/

/Indigenous blows stronger than the bakers knife/

/It don’t matter what you batter/

/With the rains we splatter/

/So many reasons for the season/

/Whether dire or dapper./

/It’s a cold world homey/

/Ain’t  no story funny/

/Gory stories now we feeling sorry/

/Hide your bunny/

/Silly chatter in corner by some weak little Bs/

/What is worse, when you gat nothing to give, to your Cs./




Read between the lines and catch the vibes that flows if you could.  That is the beauty in lyrics.


Enjoy yourself!


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


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