Shattered Glass

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Growing up is an uneasy task,

Childhood can hardly be termed bliss,

Ignorance is even worse;

It often takes a lifetime to know the truth,

Or even discover self,

If ever so.


Eager to try a smoke in the woods,

With the aftermath evident in jaunty half steps;

Always in a rush to grow up,

Oblivious of the vicissitudes lurking in its wake.


So many mistakes,

The most obvious are the most caressed,

Pampered into habits so steadfast,

It becomes a deadlock in the quest for liberation.


Life so fragile,

The epitome of withering flower;

Deeds so galvanized to be undone,

Often result in deeply embedded scars;

Memories often bring tears,

The by-products of stories untold.



Our individual lives are marked with various experiences that have become a part of our story, making or marring us. Life, if mishandled can become a disastrous venture. In our formative years and even as adults, we are often so ignorant or maybe oblivious of the consequences of our escapades. Some of us are quite lucky to live and tell the story. Some stories remain untold. Indeed, life can be a shattered glass if not handled with care.


Remain blessed as you live with care.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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