This Life No Be Yarn (Naija Pidgin Rap Lyrical Extract)

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/E no get as e wan be/

/this life no be yarn/

/notin wey eye no dey see/

/no be beans, no be yam/

/u don forget the other day, wen dem been do u frog jump/

/now u dey form big boy and ur babe u wan dump/

/u neva see, u don dey yarn/

/kasala don burst/

/dis no be beans, e no be yam/

/garri sef don cost/


/Everybody dey for corner/

/dey try dey hustle/

/u dey for bed dey dream of hummer/

/dey chop ur knuckle/

/take am easy for d town/

/dis life no be yarn/

/as we been talk am before/

/no be beans, no be yam/



Nigeria (fondly called Naija) has got a special common language called the Pidgin English. It is a very interesting language that keeps evolving. This piece of rap lyrics in Naija Pidgin has been written for your reading pleasure.

Do have a great weekend!

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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