Hit Some (Rap Lyrics Extract)

15093118-multicolour-musical-notes-staff-background-illustration-with-transparency[1] By 123rf.com

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)



/You can’t possibly know my crib/

/When you gats ulterior motives/

/Stealing scrap locomotives/

/In the corner selling high to peeps./

/Now you wanna come and get some/

/Benefit some/

/In the middle of the night, sure get your creep on/

/I gats sorry foes, watching at my back/

/Many fellas getting woes, many just get jacked/

/It’s a little bit early/

/For some mid-night telly/

/You can tell it to your hommies/

/While you shake your little belly./




A little piece of rap lyrics all for your pleasure.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan




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