A Ray of Hope

Light at End of Tunnel (New Life & Success Concept)
Light at End of Tunnel (New Life & Success Concept)

(Photo Credit: 123rf.com)




The future isn’t looking bright,

as I daily search dark tunnels for the light.

My steps are ordered on thorns and rocks,

for life’s vicissitudes gives constant knocks.


Yet I embrace life ever so tight,

though it seems I walk a tightrope,

and pressure mounts to greater heights.


But as each day the sun I sight,

I see in my soul a ray of hope.


I’m not going out without a fight.




For each day we wake up and see the light, this poem is a reminder that we have another opportunity to continue striving towards our dreams, even till our very last day (whether we know it or not). Everyday means a fresh chance to get up and about our business. That is, the business of running our lives to fulfillment. This poem is dedicated to everyone who has decided not to give up on themselves, but to stand firm and strong, making their lives worthwhile and adding value to humanity.


Remain blessed.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.




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