The Sands of Time

Hour Glass
Hour Glass

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Daily living is history in the making,

Open to everyone to be part of the giving and taking.


So sought after to the spoiling of the soul,

Many are disillusioned by the stories untold.


So many speakers and writers,

Collaborators and fighters,

Step up to the theatre of life.


Each playing their part,

Embrace their lines like a pact,

Passionately cling to their beliefs like a wife.


Riding the tide of life without fear,

Facing the winds and seasons without care,

But knowing this one thing:

History is written by those who dare.




We are all history makers. Our daily living creates events which become embedded in the sands of time, making history. We should all be passionate about whatever we are doing and endeavour to do it right and in such a way that will add value to humanity because, that is ultimately why we are here. We are history in the making.


Do have a nice time.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.



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