Deprive Me


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Life is before me,

yet I am held back,

by my own chains,

and freedom it deprives me.


Mountains stand before me,

that I may climb or crush it,

to behold the valley of lilies,

yet my faint heart deprives me.


My sweetheart stood before me,

to profess undying love to her,

a chance at happiness and laughter,

yet, my cold feet deprived me.


The rain outside beacons me,

I am dying to feel it on my skin,

stretched hands, face up, soak it all in,

yet these bars deprive me.


A better friendship awaits me,

if I acknowledge my wrong;

I only have to say: “I am sorry”,

but my pride deprives me.


I glimpse a better life for me,

dream places to pack and go,

travelling from coast to coast,

yet my finances deprive me.


That stick of smoke tempts me,

killing this habit is not easy,

I could give anything for a whiff,

but my health deprives me.


The sun is high and warms me,

Love birds outside are jolly fellows,

I crave to join them, saying hellos,

but my loneliness deprives me.


A loved one so dear to me,

gone with the wind of time,

I long for a chat and walk in the park,

but again, death deprived me.


Anger boils inside of me,

my hurt, a show for all to see,

I should walk away regardless of pleas,

but true love deprived me.


Words flow from the fountain in me,

making me scribble nonstop on this,

I long to write forever with ease,

but the ink dried up and deprived me.




In life, we have so many dreams and aspirations we want to achieve, and so many things we want to do. However, for one reason or the other, some things deprive us from achieving them. These are like bars preventing us from reaching our desires and dreams. This poem is based on this real life situation and is inexhaustible. You can think up other situations and let me know about it ok.


Thank you for reading.


Warm regards.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


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