Cry of A Hero

pbs nature background (Lone Tree)


(Photo Credit: PBS Nature Background)


The old man sat on a rickety rocking chair,

under a tree in his compound.

a pleasant evening it seemed,

if you gave a thought to the gentle breeze and cool air.


Yet he looked forlorn as he rocked,

staring intensely into nothing,

for the vision that caught his attention

came alive only in his mind’s eyes.


The great crusades of years gone by,

bursting with the fervent zeal of youth,

that gave courage wings to fly,

reeking untold havoc on the opposition.

To bring the homeland fame and glory

was the overriding disposition.


Now the cock has gone to roost,

a new breed of younglings cropped up with the dawn,

without a trace of the blood of thoroughbreds.

Evidently hybrids, these ones,

lacking in depth and morals,

with a total disregard for history.


What was the essence of struggles past?

Where is the homeland we held so strong?

How come the future seems a blast?

Where did the dream go all wrong?


The old man sighed deeply,

grey chin on his hairy chest,

weary as he sank unconscious of the sunset;

Let the future, tell the rest.


Our forebears had dreams and fought for it. Especially for land they believed was theirs. They were courageous and only wanted their families to be strong, protect their lands and continue in the laid down tradition. However, this isn’t always the case. Their children most times do not follow in their footsteps. Often times the children abuse what their fathers and mothers fought so hard to achieve. This is no different from the society today. Parents work so hard to build a future for their children, but it is abused eventually by the same children. This situation breaks the hearts of their parents, especially in their old age when they can do nothing but watch. The sad and pathetic end of these heroes inspired this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

Take care and stay blessed.

Your friend,

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


One Reply to “Cry of A Hero”

  1. This poem gives a delightful summary of the society today as against what our fore parents experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Ndifreke for sharing.

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