The Lake Runs Deep

Natural Enclave

(Photo Credit: TWIMC)


Still water runs deep.




Lots of debris it does keep,

if you make the effort to take a peek.




The idle mind is the same,

wild roses up to no good are planted again and again,

and brings forth fruits of thorns and pain.




Windows to the heart are shut,

the walls deprived of light and stark,

blinded and prone to trips and cuts,

nobody is safe with a walk in the dark.




Walls disappear when minds do strive,

idleness steals away the steam and zest,

the light of activity keeps it alive,

taking it in its stride devoid of vests,

and in the face of fights it tends to thrive.




Who can liberate the still mind?

Before it chokes in the dirt and die,

like thorns that pricks the one who grows it.

Who can a nudge give it to begin its quest to find?

And get it on its way to a jolly ride.

None else but the one who owns it.



The human mind is compared to the lake in this piece. The lake though still, is full of activity within. Lots of debris settles below unless it is cleaned regularly. The human mind is like that. When it is not put to constructive use, it becomes a dark hole that does no one any good. It needs to be nurtured and fed with positive and constructive ideas and activities for it to become productive. Anything contrary to this may yield unpleasant outcomes. It is yours, so take good care of it ok.

 It all begins with YOU.

Thank you for reading this piece.

Your friend,

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.

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