Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky (Sunset)




It came all the way from the east.




Beginning its journey very early at dawn,

like a sojourner set for a long trip.




Slow and steady being the watchword,

every step underlined with patience,

its every move never hasty.




Bearing in its wake,

an abundance of goodwill,

spreading light to the world,

and to nature, considerably tender.




In its presence,

Nature burst with activity,

from the untamed wild on land and in the sea,

to unbridled arials in the habit

of cruising clouds with wings.




Easing its way

to its zenith,

by mid day,

the sojourner sets home,

heading west

to a well deserved rest.




Now the cock has gone to roost,

evidenced in the dying embers

of the days flame of activity;

Silhouettes of screaming birds

flapping away towards the red globe,

high up in the sky,

the royal portrait of fiery sunset.





The sunset is beautiful and awesome. It appears in different ways and manner. The picture shows one of those many ways. I considered its daily journey across the sky and was inspired to scribble this piece. I hope it made a good read.


Warm regards with all my love.


Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


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