Searching . . . Through The Woods

In the Woods



A daily priviledge it is, for the sun my eyes to greet.




The air flows full and free,

my lungs eager to meet.




Sad it is to see,

when playful children in the sun

make their home the street.




Yet opportunities abound,

from the air to the ground,

even deserts can’t be barren,

as rain closely follows heat.




In the heart, a doubt is never scarce,

the aftermath is reflected in the mirror;

Dreams given up,

is evidenced in goodbye tomorrow,

Indecision beats the chaff along with the wheat.




It’s a thin line,

between here and there;

In the presence of doubt,

is the forum of fear;

Yet I’m inspired by the burden I bear,

listening to the whispering brook so sweet and dear.




I see what I want to see,

A smile wears out a mile,

I see hope in the swaying grass;

Inspiration in desolation

the anthem of an unyielding heart;

I see tomorrow in yesterday passed,

defeat is foreign, as I stand on my feet at last.




Where is our destination?

Demands my pondering soul.

In an attempt to fit life’s jigsaw,

I muddle the part with the whole.

My heartbeat quickens

for tomorrow is ever scary,

being pregnant with the unknown,

either bright or dreary.




It’s a lonely road

this life we live in;

So many questions

yet unanswered,

sordid souls still grieving;

In the bid to get it right,

I can’t define bad or good,

hoping I make it through the night,

I will keep searching through the woods.



I was with an old friend yesterday evening. While drinking a cup of coffee in his varendah, we began sharing the various experiences we’ve had over the years. He brought up a point that was quite interesting. Something about life ordering our steps and no matter how hard we try, we can’t know it all. It got me thinking all the way back home, and actually prompted this piece which I wrote the same evening. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Much love to you and yours!

Ndifreke Efiok Akpan.


4 Replies to “Searching . . . Through The Woods”

  1. This į̸̸̨§ S̤̈̊φ sweet. Life į̸̸̨§ truly a journey into D̶̲̥̅̊ unknown. Lovely piece of work, Ndi.

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